Dog Grooming in Nottingham

All Four Paws Mobile Dog Grooming is a  safe, modern and mobile salon designed to keep your pet calm while offering first class grooming practices. 

All Four Paws grooming salon offers the very best in dog grooming – providing a  friendly, personal and professional one-to-one service and any advice you need to maintain your dog’s health, paying special attention to their individual needs.

Dog Grooming in Nottingham has taken a new look with our brand new mobile dog facility offering you great service right on your doorstep, it brings it's own power and hot water and offers great comfort and a relaxing environment  for your dog.

 There are many benefits to using professional dog  groomers  for your dog other than simply looking good and smelling great. Whether your dog has a long or short coat keeping it clean with regular grooming is an essential part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. 

We offer various services such as nail clipping, Pamper puppy packs and  either a simple dog wash and dry through to a full clip or trim in Nottingham and surrounding areas, all carried out by a City & Guilds qualified dog groomer. 

  • Looking for a Dog Grooming Salon ?

 -  No need - All Four Paws will bring the salon to you

  •   Looking for a Groomer who truly cares about your precious puppy?  

-All Four paws will offer this and more

  • All Four Paws  specialises in Dog Grooming,  Styling  & Routine Care Treatments ...

 - All done with lots of LOVE and CARE!

  • Melanie is on a mission...

 - To love and pamper your dog, to care for them like you do, to groom them with the gentlest touch while  creating the best  style and comfort for your pooch.

  • By having our mobile dog grooming salon come to you...

 - you can be assured your precious pet will not be caged or left alone in a strange  environment.

  • All Four Paws strive to make every grooming and styling experience a pleasant one!

- Let Your Precious Little Ones have the comfort and security of a groomer that comes to you!